Friday, July 30, 2010

9 Knowledge Areas and 44 Processes must be known to a Great Project Management Professional

This has been expereienced that absence of a good project manager resulted in delayed project delivery or many a times project failure. There is a good shartage of experienced and good project management professional. PMP certification is a good way out to know about the techniques and then polishing them up by implementing in your projects. A good project Manager must know following 9 important knowledge areas.

1. Project integration Management.

2. Project Scope management.

3. Project Time Management.

4. Project Cost Management.

5. Project Quality Management.

6. Human Resource Management.

7. Procurement Management.

8. Project Risk Management.

9. Project Communication Management.

As per mu understnading the most important part here is Communication Management. A PM spend maximum of time in communicating. So communication must be very effective and must be clear and crisp. He should be able to send the clear message to targeted person.

In next blog, I will cover every knowledge areas (one--by --one ).

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shella said...

Risk management attempts to plan for and handle events that are uncertain in that they may or may actually occur. These are surprises. Some surprises are pleasant. We may plan an event for the public and it is so successful that twice as many people attend as we expected. A good turn-out is positive. However, if we have not planned for this possibility, we will not have the resources available to meet the needs of these additional people in a timely manner and the positive can quickly turn into a negative.

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