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Which Mode of Project Management Training is Better. (Face 2 Face or Online or OJT)

The coming years definitely are of Project management. Now organizations have started recognizing the need of pure project management professionals. This is very important and inevitable rule to increase the success of project implementation. Therefore, everyone is trying to be a successful project management professional.  To be a good project management professional the need of good training cannot be ruled out.  Many times my colleagues enquire about the project management training and PMP certification. One can get good project management knowledge through experience. But I am sure (at least in my case)all points and hidden treasure of PM fundamentals cannot be understood through project management experience, due to varied working style of organizations.
In general there are three types of Project Management Training.
  1.   Face to Face (Provided by REP of PMI or other consultants).
  2. Online (Provided by REP of PMI or other independent websites).
  3.  On Job Training (Through Experience).

Every training has its pros and cons. I would like to evaluate all in training paragraphs.
Face To Face:- This type of training is provided by independent trainer/consultant in classroom through interactive sessions. All topics( nine knowledge areas and 44 processes) must be coverd.
  1. Very interactive.
  2.  Project Management fundamentals and knowledge areas can be understood nicely.
  3.  All Processes can be discussed thoroughly.
  4. In general, all topics (9 knowledge areas and 44 processes) are discussed in detail.

  1. An Expensive affair.
  2. The success depends purely upon the consultants/trainer knowledge and his training style.
  3. Good Amount of time needs to be spent/spared.
  4. Organization must understand the need and plan this activity at organization level.
  5. Difficult to plan and implement at organization level.
  6. Not possible to repeat the training (many cases)
Online:- This type of trainings are conducted through online mode. Many site provide valuable trainings for becoming a successful project management professional. PMTI, 4PM , PMTrainingonline , RMCProjects , Learning Tree etc are some of the leading online training provider.

  1. Less Expensive.
  2. Time can be spared and adjusted accordingly.
  3. The training can be provided independently.
  4. Repeating of the material/Training is possible.
  5. Online test can be taken to understand the one’s capability.

  1. The contents need to be exhaustive.
  2. Some Project Management fundamentals are difficult to understand.
  3. Not interactive as compared to Face to Face training.
  4. Must have a internet connection to take this training(though very small issue).
  5. Generally, people enroll them but does not take it seriously.

On Job Training: This training is given by organizations through an on job method. The individual is provided with an opportunity to work on certain project under the guidance of an experienced project manager and he learns accordingly.

  1. All topics of project management are not covered.
  2. Generally limited to organization’s need.
  3. The mentor (guide) should be excellent. The success depends upon his way of working/teaching.

  1. No training is complete in itself.
  2. For startup project management professionals first an online training should be provided with target oriented/ result oriented approach.
  3. Then a face to face training should be provided to understand the complexities and clear their doubts.
  4. Then they should be put on a good project under the guidance of a good project manager.
  5. But for experienced person, they should go for Face to Face training and discuss the issues they have faced with their experience. Since they have already gone through the on job training so that can be skipped and they will get it automatically when assigned with an independent project.
  6. In my understanding a suitable training mix should be designed by keeping the target audiences in mind. However, in every case the mentor/consultant/trainer is the key for success. Please plan that accordingly and do not forget to take feedback and analyze.

I hope this should help the aspiring and experienced project management professional with their training need to resolve their doubts about the mode of project management trainings.


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