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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amazing Diet Plan to Reduce Weight

When I was in Indian Air force, I hardly faced any health issue like High BP, Obesity etc. Regular exercises and active life style kept me tossed up and giving me benefits in health part. After I changed my job now all these problems started creeping in. The main cause is off course sedentary life style. Due to sedentary type of work, my weight started zooming up and due to heavy weight multiple health complications started building up. despite that fact that My company is providing many ways to stay fit (like table tennis, tread mill for jogging and other activities), my weight was going up and up. I tried to restrict the food but it was a futile effort to control the weight gain. I was not sure how to reduce the weight. I was not much interested in doing some sort of exercises for weight loss. But keeping my health issues, I decided to control my weight and I planned a diet. This diet is already experienced by some of our colleagues. The results were amazing. I thought to bring this plan to you as well. This is mixture of GM diet and our experience.
Please follow suggested  Diet Plan for reading or you can  Download . When you are back please post your comments for others to  help. Please don't forget to drop me an email after successful implementation. It will be a motivating factor for others.

I hope you will enjoy it.

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